Different type of headphones for running

If you like jogging in the morning or running on the treadmill, then you need some headphones to boost your mood. A good pair of headphones will jumpstart your day with good music while at the same time keep fit. Music can be a very good distraction while exercising. You will be surprised how far you can go if you get some distraction from the music. There are many types of headphones that you can use for running. When making a choice, it all depends on your personal style and what you want from the headphones.

Headphones for running

On-ear headphones

On-ear headphones look like the headphones used by DJs, and they are placed in the ear or around the neck. This type of headphones are very stylish, and this is why you will see many teenagers with them around the street. They are comfortable to wear because you can easily hand them around the neck when you are running, and you will still hear the music. However, if you are running for a long period they can be very bulky.

sfsdfsdfsdfIn-ear headphones

These headphones are placed inside the ear, but they have a back band that goes around the neck. They are still a good choice for runners who want some music. As opposed to on-ear headphones, they are very light, and you won’t even notice that you are wearing them. The only downside of these headphones is the fact that the sound quality is not that good.

Wireless headphones

These are the most preferred headphones for runners because they are wires involved. All you need is to plug them in your ear and start running. The sound is transmitted through Bluetooth, and you don’t have to worry about wire distractions while running. For most of the wireless headphones, you can still pick calls while running.


Ear hooks

Ear hooks are very common fitness headphones. Just like the name suggests, they are hooked on each ear to make sure that they remain intact even when running. They have a wire on each ear running to the source of music. They are light, and you don’t have to worry about the extra weight that is associated with the other types of headphones.