Information Technology


Top Careers In Information Technology

Information technology has attracted many people due to its good pay and brilliant exposure to life-changing experiences that make the world a better place. The problem many people face while trying to join the IT industry is deciding what they will specialize in. In this article, we outline four of the top careers IT has to offer and help you get started with building your career as an IT practitioner.

Careers in IT

IT Supportscdcscsdvvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdv

Despite by many as the least pleasing job in IT; IT support is one of the best jobs in the industry. Basically what an IT support personnel does is provide assistance to people who are having problems with their computers or other peripherals. This job is exciting as you get to interact with different people on a daily basis and in the process make new friends. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn new things as you get to face different challenges on a daily basis.

Computer Assembly And Repair

This one is fascinating as you get to put assemble various parts to a fully usable computer. Through this career, you get to learn more about the inner workings of computers and even maybe help design more efficient components that might improve the lives of people. You can also make extra money by using the knowledge acquired to repair other people's computers.

Web Design And Development

If you are interested in creating robust websites and web applications, then this is your career path. Via this job, you can create excellent products such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, while making a more than sizable income. The job is interesting and engaging, with several advancements happening almost on a daily basis. The career has tremendously grown to cover other sectors such as apps development that were reserved to programmers in the broader computer science field. In general, it is a good career path for any aspiring IT practitioner.


Most people who study informassvsvdsvsdvdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvation technology do not see teaching as a viable career path. With most professors and lecturers earning lots of money, the career is obviously a good one. As an IT teacher, you get to train and usher in the next generation of IT practitioners, honor any person in the field would treasure. Being an IT teacher, doesn’t mean that you don't get to interact with the other exciting sections, in fact, most IT marvels are a result of research and breakthroughs initiated by professors and other teachers.