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Making a mistake during the selection of a gaming laptop can have an adverse effect on the gaming experience. A thorough research on laptops for your gaming needs is very crucial. As much as getting one laptop with all the specifications you need and at your budget is not all that simple, getting one as near to the specification as possible is the prudent decision. For more information, you can View the best gaming laptops here. So, when buying one, avoid the following mistakes.

Mistakes to avoid when buying a gaming laptop

Poor graphics

dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgIt may not be possible to draw a line as different games will have different graphics needs. However, you want your laptop to be the best in playing all games in the market. As so getting the best graphic card in the market will put you in a better position to play all games. Worst is settling for the poor quality graphics card as it will give you a hell of a time even with the lighter games.

Poor RAM

If you are a real gamer looking to try out on the heavy, sophisticated games, anything below 8 GB Ram is a mistake. Actually, 16GB and above RAM is the best option. As the technology is advancing, we are looking into seeing Faster RAMs in future. As so, the small RAMs will be pushed out even from the ordinary work laptops. The Random access memory is where the game stores the information temporarily as the player is in motion and accessing this data should be seamless. Only a good RAM can do this.

Poor Processor

fdgfdgfdgdfgdgdfgThe processor is the heart of the laptop and the better it is, the more powerful a computer is. Games need more power and can cause strain both to a small processor and the battery. This can have many disadvantages that include overheating and hitch in performance. Therefore ensure to purchase a processor with a higher clock speed as well as more than four processors in one (quad core processor). A clock speed which shows how fast the machine will assign duties to the different processors determines how seamless the machine works.

A poor battery

Being forced to work while plugged throughout is not only risky during power loss also hinders mobility. So, as a gamer, it is important to consider a powerful battery to last your running for a couple of hours even with power loss.

With budget constraints hitting almost everyone, if you are a real gamer, of course, you would also need the best gaming piece of hardware without necessarily draining your bank account. If you have been thinking of replacing your old laptop with a new one, here are some of The best budget gaming laptops of 2016. They not only come cheap, but the number of features they come with will simply blow you mind.

Acer Aspire F15assdfvsZDfdcswd

Coming in at under $500, the Acer Aspire F15 is what you should be going for next if you are looking for a budget friendly piece of gaming hardware. It is one of the newest models from Acer that has been built to handle heavy duty work, without leaving a dent in your wallet. It comes fully equipped with an Intel i5-4210U Core Processor along with a whopping 8GB of RAM. With all that, what else can you possibly ask for?

HP 15-ay011nr 15.6’’

For shoppers who are looking for a laptop that offers more than just browsing the internet, the new HP 15-ay011nr is definitely what they have always wanted. It is powered by a Skylake Intel Core i5-6200U processor alongside 8GB of RAM, making it a true gamer’s laptop. When it comes to graphics department, this laptop sports a newer and most powerful Intel HD Graphics 520 chipset. When it comes to durability, the new HP 15-ay011nr is unlike anything you have seen before. It is built to last.

Lenovo Flex 2 14 59435728 Core i5 Laptop

The Lenovo Flex 2 is another amazing cheap gaming laptop. Intel Core i5 processors power it, and with its hyperthreading feature, you can be sure its overall performance does not disappoint in any way. Additionally, for a feature that seems to be fast becoming a trend, this laptop is also convertible.

asesdcvsZDdcasdAsus F556UA-AS54

Ranked among best and probably one of the cheapest gaming laptops from Asus, the new Asus F556UA-AS54 is currently making headline across the industry. It is affordable and comes packed with an array of features. With it, you get an Intel Core i5-6200U processor, Intel HD graphics, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD among other great features.

Dell Inspiron 13 i7347-50sLV

If you are looking for a versatile gaming laptop, this Dell machine has got covered you covered. It sports a fourth-generation Intel Core i3 processors giving the machine enough power to handle some of the latest games and applications. That is not the only best part; when you flip its screen over, you can also use it as a tablet.